East Coast College Tour 2018
East Coast College Tour 2018
by the College Counseling Team

During Spring Break, the College Counseling Team traveled to the East Coast with over 30 juniors for our annual East Coast College Tour. Our journey started in Boston and ended in Maryland, with visits to the following colleges and universities: Boston University, Northeastern University, Tufts University, Yale University, Connecticut College, Babson College, Wellesley University, Wesleyan University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins University. Some of the highlights of the trip included meeting with Brentwood alumni and seeing snow for the first time.

Familiar faces awaited students on the campuses of Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, and Wesleyan University. Juniors were able to meet with Brentwood alumni who volunteered their time by giving personalized campus tours. Many questions were asked, as students learned of each colleges' rich history, campus traditions, and school spirit!

Here's what students' had to say about their experience and check out a gallery of images HERE.

"I felt that college has become a much more real concept for me, and I like the fact that we toured so many schools."

"It was important because I hadn't seen a lot of schools before the tour. The most important takeaway is that there are so many good schools out there and I will find one best suited for me."

"It was important to me because I really enjoyed spending time on the east coast and making some new friends who I wouldn't have been super close to if we hadn't bonded on the trip. That was one of my favorite parts."

Thousands of steps were taken across 12 college campuses over 4 states and the District of Columbia. As we landed at LAX, students returned home both exhausted and energized about college! Another tour completed, but still the same Brentwood motto in mind...Start curious. Stay curious. Go anywhere.

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