SLAC-ers Cafe: A Fundraiser for Teens with Cancer
SLAC-ers Cafe: A Fundraiser for Teens with Cancer

This week, we held our second SLAC-ers (Student Library Advisory Council) Cafe—a morning where we sell treats, bagels, coffee, tea, and student crafts to the community to raise money to populate a book selection for teen patients in the Child Life program at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital.

Students in the food science classes and other bakers in our community pitched in with delicious treats, and students worked with the librarians for four tracks as we sold the goods. Student artists sold original stickers (made in the library by Cheryl H. '22 and Sophia L '22) and a "zine" (made by Maxfield F. '20). The proceeds totaling about $500 from our two Cafes will purchase books for UCLA teen patients to enjoy. They need new books instead of used ones due to weakened immune systems and, instead of a library, this is a book give-away so the teens get to keep the books they read.

Inspired by a foundation called Teen Cancer America, which helps hospitals, including UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, add teen-specific facilities and services to their oncology care, we consulted with them and UCLA to find an area where we can help. We are hoping to continue the SLAC-ers Cafe so we can provide books to other UCLA Child Life locations, and add book gift cards as well so patients can select their own books. One of our SLAC-ers is so inspired that she is in the process of being trained to volunteer with Child Life at UCLA.

To learn more about why specialized teen services are important, watch this amazing video from Teen Cancer America.

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