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Veterans Center for Recreation and Education (VCRE)

Brentwood School created the VCRE as an integral part of our 21st century community.

Our unique partnership with the West Los Angeles VA provides robust Veteran-centric resources funded by Brentwood School. This 40+ year relationship offers services in physical recreation, health and wellness, education, as well as a range of special programs and events, all on facilities built and maintained by Brentwood School. Veterans and their spouses/partners can use the athletic facilities daily by signing up for a VCRE membership. Joining us is quick and easy, and your membership never expires once it is activated.

Brentwood School is proud of our longstanding dedication to serving Veterans and their families.

We have been a reliable partner since 1972. We stand behind VA’s vision of creating a thriving Veteran community and believe that the VCRE is an integral facet of its successful manifestation. Brentwood School will continue to work with Veterans and VA officials to ensure that our facilities, services, and programs remain available to the thousands of Veterans and their families who use and benefit from them. 

VCRE Facilities

Caruso Watt Aquatic Center
Stadium Field
Upper Field
Tennis Courts
The Pavilion
Weight Room and Fitness Center

VCRE Opportunities

Contact Us

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Melanie A. Winns

VCRE Coordinator

Gennifer Yoshimaru

Assistant Head of School

Suzanne Lyons

Director of Middle School Service Learning and Veteran Education

Bernardo Arabalo

Director of Public Safety

Stephan Mkrtchyan

Public Safety Supervisor

Raymond Navarro

VCRE Fitness Facilitator and Coach

Paul Radenberg

VCRE Fitness Facilitator & Coach

Sixto Sandiero

Public Safety