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Veteran Education

Brentwood School’s commitment to education and outreach for Veterans began with asking Veterans themselves at the West Los Angeles VA Campus where they wanted more support, assistance, classes, and training. From these various focus groups, we took their input and generated classes that they would both benefit from and enjoy.

Many of Brentwood School’s faculty and staff volunteer their time to help assist Veterans and offer their expertise. Additionally, K-12 students provide support and outreach to Veterans in a myriad of ways. For example, the VA Student Support Group at the Upper School specifically spearheads various activities and drives for Veterans throughout the year, and the Middle School’s 8th Grade students help in the Japanese Garden and at Heroes Golf Course and Garden.

Below is a list of current and ongoing classes, drives, and student outreach at the West Los Angeles VA Campus. If you are a Veteran and have suggestions or feedback, please reach out to Susie Lyons at

Classes Offered